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Customer experience solutions for real businesses.

Know customers better, keep them longer and sell more to them.

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Strike Omnichannel Everywhere

When your customer visits your store, reads your email, calls your support line, and more, you'll know how it went.


Strike Realtime Ins

If something goes wrong, it'll take you moments to reach out to your customer and show you care.

Quotes What Our Customers Are Saying

Normally, we were able to receive customer feedback the day after the experience had taken place. However, our goal was to reach customers during the experience. Using realtime solutions offered by Pisano, we have achieved this goal.

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Strike Integrated Con

You'll know the best moments for special offers and what products your customer is interested in.

Quotes What Our Customers Are Saying

With Pisano CX solutions, we can centrally manage our members' experience with unprecedented speed.

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CX Platform

Take a peek under the hood of the Pisano Platform. Explore thoughtful features like instant messaging, one-click integrations and beautiful feedback tools.

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Deep Dive Into CX

Explore in-depth articles about customer experience, marketing and customer success. We're covering best practices and success stories from our clients.

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From stranger to promoter, you'll have unmatched insight into the whole journey of your customer and have context at every step.

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