Collecting Realtime Feedback with Pisano QR Code Forms

It’s an ordinary day at your coffeeshop. Your customer orders a cup of coffee, but forgets to drink it as he is chatting with his friend. It’s only human nature. Then the customer asks the staff to change the coffee for a new hot one, a somewhat unreasonable request since it was the customer’s responsibility to drink the beverage while it was hot. In response to this request, let’s say your employee scoffs and responds with a rude attitude.

You earn 7 times more profits with one of your loyal customers rather than a new one.

We all know that no matter if it’s unreasonable or not, a customer demand should never be answered with rudeness. But, your employees may not be aware of this rule or they could be reluctant to follow it. You should stay on your toes about your employees truly adapting to your company’s culture. Don’t be too strict though and try to find common ground with your employees about company policies. Incorporating feedback from your customers is one of the ways you can enrich this process and QR codes are right there to help you.

Here’s a typical Pisano success story with QR codes: Right after the incidence, the customer scans QR code on the Pisano card with his phone (or enters the short link on the card with her phone) to report the rude attitude. Pisano provides a real-time conversation platform with the restaurant officials; so there is a direct communication channel between customers and personnel. When the customer connects to the channel, he shares his personal contact info since customers want to follow up on the effects of their feedback. Then, the customer reports the negative attitude of personnel in the restaurant. Thanks to the Pisano’s smart tagging system, the feedback is immediately labeled as negative.

Since Pisano is a real-time system, negative feedback is instantly delivered to the management. Going into action, the manager serves a new cup of coffee to the guest. The chief waiter personally apologizes for the attitude of the personnel. Feeling prioritized and cared for, the customer is moved. The incident concludes with the customer saying that he likes the place very much (on social media too) and he will continue to come to this place.

Do not forget that you earn 7 times more profits with one of your loyal customers rather than a new one. With Pisano, businesses are able to communicate instantly with customers without delay. As a result, your customers stay happy and the number of your loyal customer goes up one by one.The magic of Pisano QR codes allows you to grow, one confident step with a happy customer at a time.

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