Communicating with Customers Using the Pisano App

A customer wants a glass of water at a restaurant. This simple request is delayed as the restaurant is going through the rush hour. The customer cannot get a staff member to bring the order or repeat it again. This is a normal situation that can happen in every business, no matter how customer-focused the establishment might be. What would be unusual is that if the business did not try to create an alternative way of communication with the customer.

The customer leaves from the restaurant in a happy mood because real-time response of the restaurant had made the customer feel special.

There are many ways for businesses to listen to their customers. If one of them gets blocked for the moment, then there must be an alternative way. Diversifying communication channels between you and your customers means you get to know them better. Otherwise, customer problems might escape your notice. So, you may lose your customers instead of making them loyal.

But in the example we are going to share, the restaurant uses Pisano to create a seamless instant communication channel between itself and its customers. Every feedback sent via the Pisano platform is instantly delivered to the staff’s Pisano smartphone app. Smart tagging feature of the app allows you to see the positive or negative status, or the urgency of feedback.

In our example, the customer reports their complaint using the Pisano platform. We must note here that while some feedback require long-term action plans, others require real-time reaction. Our case was a real-time one. This means if the problem is not resolved within the restaurant, it turns into a bad customer experience which permanently damages the restaurant’s reputation. According to consultant Ruby Newell-Legner, it takes about 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. This is an almost impossible number for one single business.

The management assigns the customer message to the staff via the same Pisano platform without losing time. The personnel apologize to the customer and quickly bring the order. The customer leaves from the restaurant in a happy mood because real-time response of the restaurant had made the customer feel special. Such examples demonstrate us the most important steps to increase the number of loyal customers.

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