Spray and pray.
No more.

Manage your customer experience with razor-sharp accuracy with Pisano's unified customer data suite.
A centralized place where all your data can live and breathe so you can create better — truly omnichannel — experiences.

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Customer Intelligence

You'll know your customers better and offer more personalized experiences by leveraging data.

  • Customer profiles: All personal details of your customers summarized so you can easily personalize engagement with customers.
  • Activity history: Easily view messaging, feedback and activity history to have context while engaging customers.
  • Notes and labels: Keep track of and categorize all important information about your customers in one place.
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For B2B

Account Management

With a more streamlined B2B customer journey, winning and retaining business will be easier than ever.

  • Meeting notes: Organize your meeting notes in a centralized view and follow up flawlessly.
  • Contract info: Get informed about expiring contracts and make sure nothing slips through.
  • Retention status: Track your retention metrics with ease and reduce churn.
  • Assignees: Easily notify account executives and keep everyone in the loop.
  • Tasks: Eliminate the back and forth between task management tools and boost team productivity.


Your campaigns' performance will skyrocket with laser-sharp targeting based on demographics, feedback history, buying behaviour and more.

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