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Easily set up, Pisano links businesses and customers anytime and anywhere. Think of Pisano as your exclusive communication channel, a channel that collects and analyzes immense amounts of satisfaction feedback from your customers. Pisano's main goal is to create opportunities to improve customer satisfaction levels instantly. The main solution Pisano offers is its digital forms provided in its kiosks: Pisano kiosks provide mobile form capabilities with device management, right out of the box.

Problems with Existing Digital Form Methods

Well-known methods of mobile feedback collection include mobile survey apps and other types of online surveys. Yet, in comparison to Pisano, they bring more challenges to the table than solutions.

Mobile & Online Survey Tools


Pisano offers accessible, real-time, and economical tools that are designed to help your business.


We reviewed the sales results of our Pisano digital form project at pilot stores and decided to adopt the solutions on a wider scale. There are now more sales representatives interacting with customers directly at particular stores which we determined according to the feedback we received. We'd like to thank Pisano for all of the support it provides.

Serkan Eren (Koton Turkey, Operations Manager)

Pisano was one of our greatest supporters with its digital real-time surveys in our quest to become an eco-friendly establishment. DoubleTree was able to prove its distinction among other green hotels by not just eliminating paper waste, but also by collecting many times of the amount of customer feedback that could be collected with paper forms. Pisano has helped us immensely in getting the Eco-Friendly Establishment certificate.

İlker Dölek (DoubleTree Hilton, Front Office Manager)

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