Email Channels

What is a Channel?

Whether you have a personal blog about your travel experiences or you run a business that serves to thousands, getting feedback is the most efficient way to communicate with your audience in the digital world. Channels are the paths that transmit feedback directly to you. With Pisano’s feedback channels, you can establish a healthy relationship with your audience and improve user experience. Let’s have a look how Pisano kiosk channels work.

What is an Email Channel?

Email channels enable you to get feedback from your audience through emails (hence the name). There are numerous reasons to use this channel.

Why Should You Use Email Channels?

Feedback enables you to establish an organic dialogue with the people you want to communicate on a digital platform. Unfortunately, it is not possible to be available all the time. But people can easily reach out to you - and the other way around - through email channels.

You can use email channels for various reasons: You can conduct market research in your area by sending questionnaires, you can measure user satisfaction, you can generate leads for your business, you can answer users’ questions and help them out when they have trouble while using your service. These are just some of the reasons why you could use email channels.

Publishing Email Channels

How Do Email Channels Work?

It's very easy to use email channels with Pisano. Create your channel and prepare your feedback flow through Pisano. Add the email addresses to your channel and start collecting feedback from your audience.

How Email Channels Work

After you start collecting feedback:

Tagging feedback

Group your feedback with custom auto-tagging based on responses to questions

Assign feedback

Automatically map contacts to appropriate teams by using the routing feature

Live chat

Instantly engage with feedback creators through live chat and give realtime support

Engage with respondants

Keep the conversation going with post feedback emails and offer people personalized services

Gain insights with reports

Create reports in multiple categories to structure data based on your needs and gain valuable insights

Automatic digests

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly automated digests and be updated about your feedback

Let's talk about customers.

Learn how we can help you get closer to customers to increase retention, boost sales and strengthen your brand.

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Kiosk Channels

Pisano kiosk channels enable you to collect feedback very easily through kiosks placed in offline locations.

Web Widget Channels

Pisano web widget channels enable you to communicate with users on your website without a mediator.

Link Channels

Pisano link channels enable you to get feedback with forms by creating a link through your website.

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