Unleash the power of feedback.

Working with world famous brands at more than 1000 locations, Pisano collects customer feedback for its happy clients in 11 different critical verticals like hospitality, restaurant, banking, retail and many others.

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Tablet Forms and Kiosks

Decorative frames of Pisano kiosk feedback forms are designed to be completely compatible with the design of your store.

Setups of Pisano products are done in a flash. As soon as you place your demo demand, everything is ready to go for the installation in just 7 days.

The Box

Pisano carefully packs and sends your kiosks in extra sturdy boxes to your location. A detailed setup guide with simple instructions will be the first thing you see when you open the kiosk pack. As you follow the steps, your Pisano kiosk survey will be ready to go in seconds.

You can choose one of our demo packs prepared specially for our enterprise clients in sets of 10, 20, and 30. Trying out Pisano’s solutions in your stores never requires you to make overly large investments.

Pisano Care Insurance

Our kiosks are insurable. In exchange for a small premium, you can exchange your kiosks without hassle for new ones if they happen to break, get scratched, or face a technical problem.

Pisano box.1x
Setup is a piece of cake with Pisano's Kiosk Boxes: Open, place and plug in.
Kiosk broken.1x
Don't worry about wear and tear, Pisano's got you covered.
From medium sized businesses to multinational corporations, Pisano keeps your feedback organized.
Tens of products like Micros, Dynamics and Slack work seamlessly with Pisano.

Enterprise Features

Pisano makes feedback easy; place all of your customer feedback channels like kiosks and tablet forms into a clear organization. You can observe, report, and compare the feedback you receive from all sources under one umbrella.

Advanced Company Structures

Our enterprise clients never face the location quota restriction; there is no limit on the number of feedback you can receive or locations where you can use Pisano kiosks. Sky is the limit for the number of kiosks deployed for Pisano’s enterprise clients who also get to enjoy exclusive discounts.

Compatibility for better results: Form interfaces used in the stores and campaign mails sent to customers via Pisano can be redesigned according to your brand image.


Pisano is perfectly integrable with your POS and CRM software, plus all of your social media channels. Your customers get to know your brand better and you get to personalize their experiences.


Pisano supports each enterprise client with its customer experience experts. With your customer experience expert, you get to design special customer roadmaps and benefit from directions as you analyze your reports together.

You will receive Pisano’s technical support for tasks like theme design and API.

Need to set up kiosks at 200 different locations? Don’t worry. Pisano also offers operational support to its enterprise clients.

Meet our world class support team.
Normally, we were able to receive customer feedback the day after the experience had taken place. However, our goal was to reach the customers as they go through the experience. Using the fastest and easiest real-time solution offered by Pisano, we have achieved this goal.

Alper Ekşioğlu
TEB BNP Paribas — Customer Experience Manager

Thanks to Pisano, we started to receive an amazing amount of customer feedback: 12,000 in just 2 months, to be exact. This is due to engaging surveys with short and varied questions. We observed that the coupons that we offered with cabin surveys earned us extra 8 sales on average.

Kaan Çelikmen
GAP Retail — Omnichannel & CRM Manager

Mystery shopper method was not giving us a correct idea about the real customer experience at our stations. We wanted to reach real insights of our customers. After starting to use Pisano, we received nearly 10 times the number of feedback we used to collect. With our call center integration, we engaged with our customers and turned any negative experience into a positive one by providing instant solutions.

Erhan Kur
BP — Marketing Manager

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