Increasing Sales with Pisano Kiosks

Upselling is a sales strategy based on selling more qualify model of a product to your existing customers. Similarly, cross selling is trying to sell two related products together. For example, while selling a TV, trying to sell an audio system with it is a cross-selling example.

These two sales techniques may seem as a pure sales strategy that only focus on increasing sales. However, both customers and businesses need upsell and cross selling to provide and receive more qualified shopping experience.

Jeffrey Gitomer, the famous sales guru, says that upsell means something for a company only when the strategy is used for helping customers and creating better customer experience. If your customers win, you win. So, tell your customer how they also profit with upsell. Here is an example: A hotel offers breakfast 50% cheaper if the guests buy breakfast before checking in. Here, both sides win, because customers will pay less for breakfast (unless they have a better quality and cheaper option outside the hotel). The hotel also benefits, since there is definite revenue coming from breakfast sales.

The potential of making more sales to your existing customer is between 60% and 70%.

Upselling to your existing customers is much easier and more profitable than acquiring new customers. According to a survey conducted by Marketing Metrics, the potential of selling to a new customer is between 5% and 20%; however, the potential of making more sales to your existing customer is between 60% and 70%. If you give priority to create a qualified customer experience with upsell and cross selling, the number of your loyal customers increase. It is your loyal customers who really make you a winner.

Well, how do you convince your customers that upselling and cross selling are beneficial for them? Pisano comes to you with a practical and powerful solution. You will be able to create for your customers more successful sale experience because you know your customers well with the pisano kiosk and digital forms. We can divide Pisano forms into 3 types according to the places they are located in a store.

1. In-Store Pisano Kiosk Forms

These are the forms used to direct indecisive customers to the checkout in the store. You can motivate your customers to shop by presenting new and personalized sales via Pisano digital forms.

2. Checkout Pisano Kiosk Forms

You can use the digital forms at the checkouts to upsell and cross sell. While customers evaluate their shopping experience, you can offer a discount code for online shopping to carry their experience from offline store to online store via Pisano.

3. Point of Exit Pisano Kiosk Forms

These forms are designed for keeping customers who leave the store without buying. You can learn why they didn’t shop and win them back with personalized special campaigns. For example, if your customers did not find what they were looking for, you might send them a discount code for the product on the online shop.

The famous retail store GAP worked together with Pisano to make this scenario succeed. They proved how upselling and cross selling actually benefit both sides of a transaction. You can read the Pisano and GAP success story here.

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