Permission Marketing

Easily set up, Pisano connects businesses and customers anytime and anywhere. Think of Pisano as your exclusive communication channel, a channel that collects and analyzes feedback from your customers. Pisano's main goal is to create opportunities for you to create the best marketing plan for your needs. One of the main solutions Pisano offers is its forms: Pisano feedback forms can be used for collecting email info for permission marketing.

Problems of Existing Methods

A well-known method of CRM-based marketing is loyalty cards. Yet, in comparison to Pisano, it brings more challenges to the table than solutions.

Loyalty Cards


Pisano offers accessible, real-time, and economical tools that are designed to help your business.


Going beyond just providing service, Pisano operates with a perspective that centers around increasing revenues through alternative methods and suggestions from the staff. Participating actively in the projects, Pisano team analyzes insights well and focuses on "How can we achieve better results via different channels like email marketing?" Most importantly, Pisano is always accessible and fast.

Burcu Günel (Ebebek, CRM Manager)

Our SuperStep stores feature multiple shoe brands; it is super simple to determine which brand our customers want for the next season with the feedback we receive. Thanks to this, we are able to develop our brand line-up in the correct direction. Also, there was a problem about aisle setups in stores with more than 10 featured brands. Using customer feedback, we arrange the aisles and allocate space to those brands our customers wish to see more. We left the option to give additional personal details to our customers when filling surveys; this helped us reduce the time spent in front of the registers, workload of our staff, and increase the number of feedback we collect.

Gökçe Gürpınar (Lacoste Turkey, CRM Manager)

Let's talk about customers.

Learn how we can help you get closer to customers to increase retention, boost sales and strengthen your brand.

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