Feedback Channels

Kiosk Channels

Pisano kiosk channels enable you to collect feedback very easily through kiosks placed in offline locations.

Email Channels

Pisano email channels enable you to collect feedback from your users through emails very easily.

Link Channels

Pisano link channels enable you to get feedback with forms by creating a link through your website.

Web Widget Channels

Pisano web widget channels enable you to communicate with users on your website without a mediator.

Use Cases

Permission Marketing

Create the best permission marketing strategy with Pisano.

Mystery Shopping

Forget mystery shopping, collect feedback instantly with Pisano.

Offline Satisfaction Surveys

Collect millions of feedback with Pisano's dynamic satisfaction surveys.

User/Customer Support

Easily provide support with Pisano's advanced forms and issue management features.

Market/Field Research

Conduct research with Pisano, gain insights with cutting-edge analysis technology.

Lead Generation

With Pisano's realtime features, don't let any leads slip away.

Customer Experience Management

Create the perfect customer experience, with Pisano's engagement features.

Digital Forms

Create smart flows with Pisano digital forms and gain insights.

How To

Realtime Support Using Pisano Forms

Realtime support examples with versatile Pisano digital forms.

Increasing Sales with Pisano Kiosks

Upsell and cross-sell examples with Pisano Tablet Kiosks.

Communicating with Customers Using the Pisano App

Realtime customer communication examples with the Pisano App.

Collecting Realtime Feedback with Pisano QR Code Forms

Realtime customer experience examples with the Pisano mobile QR Code forms.

Get Feedback Driven With Pisano!

Every great decision starts with a question, and evolves with continuous feedback. Make great decisions with Pisano.

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