Offline Satisfaction Surveys

Easily set up, Pisano connects businesses and customers anytime and anywhere. Think of Pisano as your exclusive communication channel, a channel that collects and analyzes immense amounts of satisfaction feedback from your customers. Pisano's main goal is to create opportunities to improve customer satisfaction levels instantly. One of the main solutions Pisano offers is its tablet kiosks: Pisano tablet kiosks can be used for collecting feedback about satisfaction from offline/physical locations.

Problems of Existing Methods

Well-known methods of feedback collection include paper forms and other online surveys. Yet, in comparison to Pisano, they bring more challenges to the table than solutions.

Paper Forms

Other Online Surveys


Pisano offers accessible, real-time, and economical tools that are designed to help your business.


Pisano is our number one address for transforming customer complaints into awarding actions, data analyses into roadmaps, and our energy into deeper customer focus. Their tools have reshaped our operations on a fundamental basis.

Süleyman Çalıkuş (ISS A/S Turkey, Quality Management Director)

After we started to use Pisano's real-time digital customer surveys, we were able to catch our unhappy guests and solve their problems before they left the hotel. We increased the number of our happy guests by 40%. Positive comments written by our satisfied guests on the Internet increased by 10%. Thank you, Pisano.

İskender Yaz (Ramada Taksim Hotel, Front Office Manager)

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