Frictionless, Delightful Customer Journeys.

One platform to manage customer experience at all touch-points throughout the customer journey.


Be present at all customer touch-points.


Pisano enables you to connect with customers on all online channels.

  • Web widgets Ask questions and engage customers on your website with Pisano's versatile web widget.
  • Emails Turn your emails into customer experience opportunities.
  • Links Start conversations with customers or collect data anywhere on the web.
  • Integrations Integrate just about any digital process into the Pisano Platform for a holistic view of your customer journey.
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Connect offline locations like a brick-and-mortar stores or restaurants to your digital pipeline. Eliminate blind spots in your customer experience.

  • Kiosks Instantly engage customers, collect feedback or offer promotions using interactive Kiosks.
  • Shortlinks & QR codes Place mobile friendly short links or QR codes on your packaging, menus or marketing collateral.


A flexible system for collecting structured data and reaching out to customers.

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Pisano Flows present a revolutionary way to interact with customers.

  • Realtime chat Reach out to high value customers instantly and manage communications at scale.
  • Drag and drop interface Create advanced flows simply by selecting from dozens of question types.
  • File uploads Use file upload buttons to receive attachments and files from your customers.
  • Jump logic Create interactive quizzes or smart forms with the powerful logic features.
  • Dynamic request questions Integrate your CRM system to personalize your flows and offer smart promotions.
  • Shuffle Get responses to hundreds of questions but with just a few at a time.
  • Tons of templates From satisfaction to support flows, choose from our templates to get the most valuable insights.


Your customers, all in one place.

A productive inbox experience right in your browser or smartphone.

  • Realtime and asynchronous communication Contact customers via email or in realtime.
  • Filters Powerful filters that help you get more work done. Filter based on tags, sentiment, responses and more.
  • Raw data exports Are you a spreadsheet nerd? Then you'll love Pisano's one click exports.
  • Assignments Instantly assign conversations to agents or teams when action is needed.
  • Tagging Organize your inbox with tags and tag groups for better reporting.
  • Spam detection Machine learning powered spam detection makes sure you spend your time effectively.
  • Manual data input Digitalize offline data and keep everything in one place.
  • iOS and Android app On the go? Pisano's got you covered with blazing fast native apps.
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Fall in love with beautiful, powerful and insightful reports.

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Enterprise grade reporting packed into a beautifully simple interface.

  • Highly customizable Static reports are a thing of the past, mix and match analyses based on your needs.
  • Multiple pages Create multiple reports and organize your workflow.
  • PDF and image exports Export high quality reports for your presentations or internal documents.
  • Filtering and aggregation Look at your data from every angle, get the full picture.
  • Channel type and hierarchy based grouping Group data based on your company structure for crystal clear insights.


Let robots do the boring work.

Automate your workflow with smart rules and actions right from your dashboard.

  • Response based tagging and assigning Automate actions based on customer data.
  • Away messages Let people know when you're not available to respond to inquiries.
  • Assignee balancing Efficiently manage customer engagements with groups of agents.
  • Escalations Get automatically notified when your customers need your attention.
  • Device status monitoring Get alerted when a kiosk device is offline or unplugged.
  • Location tracking Realtime kiosk location tracking by default.

Need even more automation? Pisano can talk to just about any tool with web service hooks and Zapier and custom integrations.


Achieve Customer Excellence Today

In the age of the customer, it's time to empower your brand with the leading omni-channel customer experience management platform.

Kiosk • Chat • Email • SMS • Web • QR Code

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Explore the use cases.

User/Customer Support

Easily provide support with Pisano's advanced forms and issue management features.

Market/Field Research

Conduct research with Pisano, gain insights with cutting-edge analysis technology.

Offline Satisfaction Surveys

Collect millions of feedback with Pisano's dynamic satisfaction surveys.

Permission Marketing

Create the best permission marketing strategy with Pisano.

Lead Generation

With Pisano's realtime features, don't let any leads slip away.

Customer Experience Management

Create the perfect customer experience, with Pisano's engagement features.

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