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Beautiful and Versatile Forms

Create your own feedback forms with any question type such as NPS®, comment and contact fields. Or simply use the form templates offered by Pisano. Support multiple languages, add advanced page transition logic, and hide/show questions based on responses to questions. When your forms are ready, collect feedback by sharing Pisano QR codes, shortlinks, embedding forms into your websites or emails.

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All-In-One Tablet Forms and Kiosks

Easily use your forms offline with the Android® App. Don’t worry, feedback data is seamlessly synced once you connect to the internet. Remote control your tablets with the mobile device management features that allow location tracking and screen locking, all from the same dashboard.

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Live Chat and Form Widget

Integrate conversational forms easily into any browser and start communicating with web visitors or users right in the browser window. Embed forms before chat interaction starts to create structured and clear conversations. Use advanced features like user routing and tagging based on question responses to empower your team.

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Feedback is your conversation starter.

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Realtime Support

Instantly engage with feedback creators through live chat and email. Send messages through the same platform where you receive feedback. Follow engagement history in one place. Use Pisano’s excellent user support tools to create and track issue tickets from conversations. Never lose track of an interaction with the user assignment feature.

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Lead Generation

Make permission marketing your ultimate tool to generate leads. Structure the conversation around feedback and provide a natural setting to your potential customers. Use tags and rules to automatically map contacts to appropriate teams. Get instantly notified with the Pisano App so your potential customers never slip away.

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Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Use the contact info in feedback and keep the conversation going with post feedback emails, even from offline channels like Pisano Kiosks. Customize email marketing content based on form responses to show relevant campaigns people care about.

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Dive deep into feedback, gain insights.

Multiple Widget-Based Reports

Create reports in multiple categories to structure data based on your needs. Compare feedback channels and identify problems before they become trouble. Let widgets do the all of the data mining work for you, simply pick which ones work for you and add them to your personal dashboards. Scale big data and with simple, comprehensive and customizable widgets.

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Inbox and Filters

Filter feedback data and don’t get lost in the noise. No spam reaches your dashboard thanks to automated spam detection. Group feedback with custom auto-tagging based on responses to questions and respondent info for effective analysis.

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Exports and Digests

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly automated digests. Perfectly tailored for people on the go, they keep you updated wherever you are. Use the full potential of your reports as beautiful PDFs, CSVs or Excel docs. Export images and graphs to insert in your slides or share with email. Data no longer remains as just data, it is your strongest tool in making great decisions.

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User/Customer Support

Easily provide support with Pisano's advanced forms and issue management features.

Customer Experience Management

Create the perfect customer experience, with Pisano's engagement features.

Offline Satisfaction Surveys

Collect millions of feedback with Pisano's dynamic satisfaction surveys.

Market/Field Research

Conduct research with Pisano, gain insights with cutting-edge analysis technology.

Permission Marketing

Create the best permission marketing strategy with Pisano.

Lead Generation

With Pisano's realtime features, don't let any leads slip away.

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