User/Customer Support

Easily set up, Pisano links businesses and customers anytime and anywhere. Think of Pisano as your exclusive communication channel, a channel that collects and analyzes immense amounts of satisfaction feedback from your customers. Pisano's main goal is to create opportunities to improve customer satisfaction levels instantly. Pisano's solutions center on dialogue: Pisano web widgets, QR Codes and shortlinks have real-time communication features that are great for providing support

Problems with Existing Methods

Well-known methods of user/customer support include online help desks and online chat widgets. Yet, in comparison to Pisano, they bring more challenges to the table than solutions.

Online Help Desks

Online Chat Widgets


Pisano offers accessible, real-time, and economical tools that are designed to help your business.


Pisano not only enabled us to reach the customer on sight and immediately about their complaint, but also allowed us to take any precaution or chance of doing business wherever possible, be it in the kitchens, in the preparation areas, or on service points. This is together with giving priority to missing items on the shelves as per demand of the end users on our market floor.

Osman Cenk Akın (Eataly Turkey, General Manager)

Mystery shopper method was not a correct idea for customer service management at our stations. We wanted to reach real insights of our customers. After starting to use Pisano, we received nearly 10 times the number of feedback we used to collect; all in real-time. With our call center integration, we now support our customers in real-time and turn any negative experience into a positive one by providing instant solutions.

Erhan Kur (BP, Marketing Manager)

Let's talk about customers.

Learn how we can help you get closer to customers to increase retention, boost sales and strengthen your brand.

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